Forthcoming Releases: Inaya Day & Jackii Gilford ‘Freedom’ and other news

Forthcoming Releases: ‘Freedom’ that is what we all need. Inaya Day and Jackii Gilford ‘Freedom’ – forthcoming release on Purple Music (026). Roberto De Carlo steps into the studio with Dario D’Attis for another ultra soulful workout. The Italian duo deliver superb guitar licks, a wonderful live bassline and suitably simple keys. The uplifting spiritual message, “Freedom” wisely enlists the help of much respected singers Inaya Day (nominated in three categories in the forthcoming House Music Awards) and Jackii Gilford, they combine perfectly.

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Upcoming Events:
Saturday 16th october at Orient Club, Schaffhausen with Live performance of Boris Jennings

Saturday 30th october Purple Music Night at Kaufleuten Club, Zurich. Line up: Roberto De Carlo, Dario D’Attis and Jamie Lewis and don’t miss the live performance of Colin Corvez.

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