OUT NOW! Roberto De Carlo ‘Stereophonic’ – a nu disco explosion…

Roberto De Carlo 'Stereophonic' (RDC Digital)

Roberto De Carlo presents “Stereophonic“. On board are notable artists such as, Spirit Catcher, Faze Action, Copycat, Martin Brodin, Julian Sanza and Richard Earnshaw, who add their own interpretations upgrading this single to a pristine level. A sound that goes from nu disco to Balearic flavoured funk and deep house.

Roberto De Carlo’s original mix is a nu disco production, which blends and combines heavy energetic synthesizers that offer a deafening beat and a variety of robot voices, followed by Vocoder scats and sequenced synth Arpeggio riffs. Play it loud in the clubs and the dance floor obtains a chic sense of seduction.

Belgian duo Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet also known as Spirit Catcher are a pair of crazy looking for life and love between keyboard’s keys and automated faders. With their unmistakably unique bright, warm, synth-heavy, nu disco and boogie flavoured underground deep house sound they had the luxury to work with record labels such as, Z RecordsMullet2020 VisionFreerangeWinding Road. And now they make a dashing appearance on Roberto De Carlo’s RDC Digital imprint – electro funk goes deep house.

Ladies and gentlemen, from Mar del Plata – Argentina, label boss of Heartbeat Revolution, Julian Sanza, has recently impressed many with his remix of Adrian Giordano’s “Lost in Rome“ and with appearances on some of the finest underground nu disco labels like 2020Vision, OMSpace Walker or Solardisco. His ingenious remix treatment goes into a unique Balearic direction, with his distinctive synth sounds and a deep bassline, that you can feel pounding in your chest, has stunned and dazed many.

Swedish producers Martin Brodin & Copycat did it again… this time they bring us something really exceptional. Their 80s disco groove and the spacey synthesizers transform the track into a truly fantastic cosmic disco experience, absolutely mind-blowing!

The brothers Robin and Simon Lee also known as Faze Action have been releasing top quality and obscenely brilliant music since 1995 and today offer us another fantastic slick disco jam. This disco tinged interpretation is a synth-loaded affair guided by the remarkably unique Faze Action drums and a funky bassline. An exceptionally enchanting sound of disco streaked house music!

Thanks to UK’s finest house music producer and remixer, Richard Earnshaw, many high quality vocal house productions and remixes have been made. With his labels, Duffnote, One51, Guess and part of Spiritchaser he has become a household name that has established itself over the past few years. To complete the single he did a rework that adds more electronic flavor to the track creating a peaktime affair.

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   truly a nu disco explosion!

Music composed, produced, arranged
and mixed by Roberto De Carlo at the RDC Studio
Keys by Opolopo and Simon Grey
Mastered by masterlab.de
P+C 2013 Roberto De Carlo

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© 2017 Roberto De Carlo | All rights reserved.


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