5OUT NOW! Toni Sea & Ralf GUM “Beautiful” (GOGO Music) | 20th september 2005

Forthcoming Releases: Toni Sea meets Ralf GUM, sung by Toni Seawright with a little help of Inaya Day on backgrounds this song is ready to become an anthem for all houselovers. Toni’s beautiful voice hits the dancefloor for the first time and she’s coming up with so much love that this tune will surely light up your day long after this autumn. You can listen the Funky 79 Mix here! Release date is 30th September

Out now:
Now available… Toni Sea and Ralf GUM “Beautiful” (GOGO Music) Buy it here!

Forthcoming Releases:
The long awaited Roberto De Carlo remixes of Ralf GUM vs. Dennis Legree and Inaya Day “Try Me” are finished. Listen the mixes here! Enjoy it…

Upcoming Events:
You can visit Roberto De Carlo the 24th september at Studio, Würzburg (Germany)
– Saturday 15th october at Kaufleuten Lounge, Zurich (Switzerland)
– Saturday 29th october at Monsoon Club, Zurich  (Switzerland)

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