Roberto De Carlo News | 8th january 2008

Forthcoming Releases: Roberto De Carlo featuring Joshua “Never Forget” will be released one more time on GOGO Music and nice remixes are planed. More infos in the next months…

Upcoming Events:
Catch Roberto De Carlo every friday in its residency “Forecast” in Zurich
12th january at Bar Rouge, Basel (Switzerland)
26th january at Café del Mar, Basel (Switzerland)
23rd february at Café del Mar, Basel (Switzerland)
25th march at Deepmixfm meets Grooveparlor, Segafredo Café and Lounge (Miami Beach)
26th march at Melody Shufflers, Pelican Hotel (Miami Beach)
26th march at Yes, Please! ATAL / GOGO Music WMC Party, Sagamore (Miami Beach)

RDC Charts:
The RDC soulful top ten is online now…

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