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1. Roberto De Carlo Classic Mix

Label: GOGO Music

Released: 6th september 2010

Release details:
Inaya Day and Ralf GUM are back on GOGO Music with this soulful outing including remixes by the MuthaFunkaz and Roberto De Carlo.

Roberto De Carlo released his first official remix in 2003 for Purple Music. It was followed by his productions «Freedom» together with Inaya Day and «One Touch – Ready?!» together with «The Soul Voice» Colin Corvez Rich in 2004. It was the same year when GOGO Music released Roberto De Carlo’s remix of «Seek – Everafter». The collaboration with GOGO Music ever since became closer and Roberto released 3 singles on this imprint since then, including the club hit «Roberto De Carlo featuring Joshua – Soulful Things». It was licensed to several compilations including the «Connected» series of Jay-J on Defected. For his funky remix of «Lose my worries» he teams up with the celebrated musician Simon Grey who lends his amazing keyboard skills to the project.

Written by LaShanda Reese, Inaya Day, Louis Benedetti, Michael Ehnes and Ralf GUM
All Vocals by Inaya Day
Produced and arranged by Ralf GUM
Mastered by
Published by Ny-O-Dae Music, GU Music Publishing, Subpublished by Roba/Atal Music, Benedetti Music and Copyright Control. P+C 2010 GOGO Music

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