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1. Main Mix


2. Goes Dub Mix


3. Roberto De Carlo Salento Funk Mix


4. Steven Stone Funky Room Mix


5. DJ Le Roi Mix


6. DJ Le Roi Instrumental Mix


7. Mirco Esposito and Tommy Mads Mix

Label: Deeptown Music

Released: 5th november 2007

Release details:
Another Top quality release at the Deeptown Music camp from Roberto De Carlo and Mirco Esposito.

Following the very successful debut release of «I Get Deep» Deeptown Music now presents its next release «It’s All On You». This is a brand new track from the duo Roberto De Carlo and Mirco Esposito who are known as One Touch on Purple Music.

Having written successful tracks such as «Live your Life» and «Ready?!» the duo have teamed up again with the vocalist Colin Corvez to write this up-lifting soulful house track.

The Main Mix is a quality uplifting track with all the ingredients that make it a Classic House sound, from the funky guitars and horns to the groovy bass, it is all there. Colin Corvez sings his heart out on this beautifully orchestral production. The RDC Salento Funk Mix is a rumblin’ disco-funk flavored interpretation. The Goes Dub Mix takes the track to a deeper level, giving it a groovy sexy feeling, while the M&T Remix is firing up things to give the track a more powerful feeling while keeping it soulful from the beginning to the end. Steven Stone Funky Room Mix provides an old school styled funky house Mix, followed by DJ Le Roi who uses his highly infectious formula from his previous Deeptown Music release to create an irresistible deep house reworking for the floors.

Overall this is a great timeless classic that will work on any dance floor in any house club.

Music composed by Roberto De Carlo and Mirco Esposito
Lyrics written by Colin Corvez
Produced, arranged and mixed by Roberto De Carlo and Mirco Esposito at Pearl Studios
All Vocals by Colin Corvez
P+C 2007 Deeptown Music

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