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1. Original Mix


2. Knee Deep Dub Mix


3. Staffan Thorsell Remix


4. Staffan Thorsell Instrumental Remix


5. Roed Svensk Classic Dub Mix


6. Roed Svensk Classic Instrumental Dub Mix

Label: Soultonic and Soul Deluxe

Released: 30th august 2007 and 12th april 2010

Release details:
A top shelf vocal number on the Soul Deluxe Recordings!

On Ā«BelieveĀ» the producers and DJ’s Roberto De Carlo and Steven Stone collide to create a soulful house track that has a classic vibe to it. The track is based on a groovy beat that is enriched with warm keys, classic strings and a lovely guitar alongside the sweet vocals by Seyla that alltogether create a laidback feeling. Danny Clark reworks it into a beautiful funked-up affair that keeps the soulful feeling alive, while UPZ give it a tougher yet still soulful edge with moody keys that is perfect for peak time play. Last but not least Knee Deep delivers an incredible Dub Mix that rock the floors.

Music composed by Roberto De Carlo and Stefano Rizzuto
Produced and arranged for Deluxemusic Productions
Lyrics written by Seyla aka Bentolila Sophie and Mikaoni Jimmy
Guitars by Chris Muzik
All additional Instruments by Michel Gsell
All Vocals by Seyla
Mixed and engineered by Roberto De Carlo, Stefano Rizzuto and Murat Boeyuek Pilavci at Stardustmedia Studio
P+C 2010 Soul Deluxe Music

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