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1. Roberto De Carlo Original Mix


2. Roberto De Carlo Instrumental Mix


3. Miguel Migs Salted- Dub Mix


4. Diego Auguanno Vox Mix


5. Diego Auguanno Instrumental Mix

Label: Purple Music

Released: 3rd july 2009

Release details:
Roberto De Carlo takes on the timeless D’Train anthem «You are the one for me» and present his respectful 21st century interpretation that oozes with heartfelt vocals by Colin Corvez and incredible keys by Simon Grey, with the old skool tinged, funk soaked backing creating a resistless feel. Diego Auguanno contributes a classic styled version spiced with classy synths and Disco elements, while Miguel Migs Dub Mix is the choice for peak time play thanks to its relentlessly stormin’ groove.

Written by Hubert Eaves III, Williams, J.
This cover is produced and mixed by Roberto De Carlo at the RDC Studio
All synthesizers (Minimoog D, Oberheim OB-Xa, ARP Avatar, ARP Solina String Ensemble) by Simon Grey
All Vocals by Colin Corvez
Published bt Trumar Music / International Rainbow Publications (BMI). P+C 2009 Purple Music

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