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1. Roberto De Carlo Classic Vocal Mix


2. Roberto De Carlo Classic Dub Mix

Label: GOGO Music

Released: 14th june 2004

Release details:
In your quest for universal music there is a sound that transcends time. At that legendary crossroad intersecting the past, present and future you will find the music your soul has been searching for. Seek fuses classic sounds with the latest cutting-edge musical nuances. The refreshingly thought-provoking lyrics woven through soulful grooves complete a sound that is elegant in its composition, inspirational in its delivery, and like nothing you’ve ever heard. This song will simultaneously move your feet and stir your soul.

Fascinated by Seek’s original, GOGO Music decided to put out «Everafter» reinterpreted. This fluffy song almost screamed for the right remixes to enter the dancefloors. Thus leaving a timeless vibe, our artists added their irresistible musical charm and continued GOGO’s way to unique sound and feeling in triumphant manner. Now «Everafter» is in full effect. The Ralf GUM and CrisP Vocal Mix will stick in your ears with it’s sweet, sweet guitar melodies and the Roberto De Carlo Classic Vocal Mix is shining bright in soul. For those who like it a bit fiercer, check the two Dub mixes on the 12”. Get peaktime action with funky bass and rhodes in the Roberto De Carlo Dub or get seduced by the groovy journey of the Benny Pecoraio and Ralf GUM Dub Mix.

Written by Lisa Terry and Freddie Luster
Mastered by
A special thanks to Maurice Bernstein at Giant Step
Published by Seekronized Music Publishing at ASCAP. P+C 2004 GOGO Music

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