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1. Roberto De Carlo Funky 79' Mix

Label: GOGO Music

Released: 30th september 2005

Release details:
Ralf GUM’s impeccable production skills really shine through as he dishes up a bouncing groove with syncopated drum patterns topped by CrisP’s unmistakable harmonisation. As only they can Phil Kullmann and his Raw Artistic Soul deliver a dreamy Afrobeat Dub containing vast live instrumentation in their own inimitable style. Roberto De Carlo rounds of the release with one of his astounding soul-filled, funky mixes.

Written by Inaya Day, Ralf Benkert, Christian Pfeuffer and Toni Seawright
Lead vocals by Toni Seawright
Background vocals by Inaya Day
Produced and arranged by Ralf GUM and CrisP
Mastered by
Published by Edition Amandla / Universal Music Publishing. Ny-O-Dae Music, Edition Kleinlaut Music/AMV Alster and Zuhri Asani Music. P+C 2005 GOGO Music

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